Study shows: Vitamin D3 essential for pregnancy!

A current study at the Semmelweis Frauenklinik Vienna shows that 92,7% of expectant mothers suffer from deficiency or undersupply of vitamine D3.

Several international studies have proven that there is a connection between different pregnancy-related diseases and a vitamine D3 deficiency. Typical diseases are gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and

Typisch sind dabei Schwangerschaftszucker (Gestationsdiabetes), Schwangerschaftsvergiftung (Präeklampsie) und SGA* babies. Dr. Dijana Pekic, medical director of our PCOS institute states: “Several authors also mention the connection between a vitamine D3 deficiency and the following illnesses: cancer diseases, autoimmune diseases, cardiovescular diseases as well as impaired fertility.


Important information:

  • Standard vitamine pills only contain about 400 units of vitamine D3 – the daily requirement according to the American Endocrine Society is 1400 units!
  • A vitamine D3 deficiency often occurs within the winter months (less sunshine hours) or in patients who have to keep themselves covered due to religious beliefs.
  • Women with a BMI over 35 suffer twice as much from a vitamine D3 deficiency than normal weight women.
  • A weight gain of more than 15 kilograms during pregnancy significantly increases the chances of a vitamine D3 deficiency.

Our recommendations:

  • An exposure to sunlight for 1 hour a day already reduces the risk for a vitamine D3 deficiency by about two thirds!
  • Eat a healthy & balanced diet and work out on a regular basis. A walk in the sun already helps to increase your exposure to sunlight.
  • If despite all the above mentioned measures you still suffer from a vitamine D3 deficiency: ensure a generous intake of vitamine D3 as soon as you plan to achieve pregnancy

*underweight or undersized newborns, where the birth weight or the birth height in relation to the maturity lies in the lower part of the statistic standards.

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